As I was checking my timeline on twitter, a tweet by @MTVLebanonNews caught my attention:

“آل المقداد توعدوا بخطوات لاحفة لم يفصحوا عنها وأكدوا أن الاعتصام يفك فور إطلاق سراح الشباب”

So it seems that we still have to hear from the Mokdad family after all. On top of having the guts to go on TV and say that they have an armed legion, then go on to kidnap more than 20 Syrian citizen in Lebanon (regardless of the Syrians’ political affiliation) and a Turkish citizen, they now decide to close one of the most active roads in the Beirut Southern Suburb.

Everyone remembers what happened three month ago when the Syrian Free Army abducted a member of the Mokdad clan in Syria after they claim he was helping the Syrian Army which prompted the Mokdad family to retaliate and abduct Syrians in Lebanon and a Turkish.

Back then, the army was not given the “political cover” to do anything about it because Hizbollah did not allow it of course, and things stalled for almost 20 days until suddenly the Lebanese Army miraculously started to arrest the armed forces of the Mokdad clan and throw them in prison.

Now here comes the tricky part. Those people were arrested and thrown in jail, everyone obviously knows why, but this is not how things work. When the police or the army detains someone and put him in jail, that someone has to stand in front of a jury to be trialed. The problem is that those persons were not accused of anything; they were just caught and put in jail for no legislative reason. The reason for the public is clear, but the reason for the law does not exist, not until they are accused and then shown to a judge for a trial.

I understand the frustration of the Mokdad family as their sons have been in prison for over two months now without even being accused, let alone judged. But didn’t they see it coming? What did they expect? To go all commando on the streets of Dahyeh kidnapping people as if it was the most normal thing to do without consequences? We were taught in school in the physics classes that for every action there is an opposite equal reaction. Well that applies to social life too, not just to science. They made an action of kidnapping people that triggered a reaction of them being arrested.

To be clear, the government, the judicial body, the police, the army or whoever is responsible (because he have no idea who is responsible for what in Lebanon) have the obligation of accusing the detainees before judging them. But for the Mokdad family to go and decide to close a road in Dahyeh until their sons are freed? Come on, is there no decency anymore? Do they think that us, Lebanese, are idiots? Do they think that they can do whatever they want without being asked why?

After the Asir/Hizbollah incident in Saida; the Minister of Interior Affairs, Mr. Marwan Charbel promised that whoever is seen holding arms will be detained. If no arms are shown in Dahyeh now by the Mokdad family, I’m sure that it won’t be long before they show up. So I think that the Mokdad family will put the words of the minister to test.

The Mokdad family have all the right to ask for their sons to be accused and sent to trial, and the government has the obligation to see the detainees accused and trialed; but this is NOT the way to ask for it.