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After the post I wrote about the bad customer service I received from Aishti, (check here: post) I got a call from Manal, the Aishti Customer Service Manager to explain to me what happened, to apologize on behalf of the new agent that talked to me in the morning and promised to get back to me with a solution regarding the previously mentioned issue.

About an hour later, Miss Manal calls me to tell me that the issue has been solved and that I can go to Aizone and pick up a new jeans to replace the one that was ruined.

So I would like to thank Manal for her efforts and remind everyone that social networking is a tool we should use to make this world better. Whoever has an issue that he would like to address via a social network should do so without insulting anyone and the issue should be a rightful one.

Thank You.


A couple of months ago, I passed by the Diesel store (an Aishti store) in downtown and purchased a jeans. Two days later, I go back to the same store to tell them that I would like the legs of the jeans to be tightened a little bit because they were too wide, their answer was that they would gladly do that after the sales period because they are too busy now. I end up buying a new jeans that needed the waist to be tightened a little bit also.

After the sales period ended, I went to the Aizone store in Beirut Souks and told them that I would like the leg of the first jeans to be tightened and the waist of the second jeans to be tightened.

A week later, I go back to pick up my jeans. To my surprise, they tightened the waist of the wrong jeans, so basically I can’t wear the jean anymore, it does not fit. I go back to the store to explain what happened, they call for the tailor to come, and he starts telling me that it is impossible for him to tighten the jeans if there was no mark on the jeans, so my answer was that I sure did not mark it, if anything, one of the employees who were taking the marks marked it. After several minutes of dispute, the tailor tells me that he can cut the jeans and put a patch on it to return it to its previous state. My answer was: If you buy a new car, and while they are driving it to you, they have an accident, will you accept them saying: we will fix it and give it for you? Of course, he had nothing to say.

At the end, we got to the conclusion that the customer service department will call me. And let me tell you something, that department at Aishti is anything but a “customer” service.

It took them a whole week to call to inquire about what happened. (As if they did not already know). Of course no one called. I pass by the store, their only answer is, we have nothing to do with it now, and it’s in the hands of the customer service. So I take the customer’s service number and call, they say that they will look into it and call back, and again, no one calls. So today I called the customer service and their response was as simple as “sorry, there is nothing we can do about it except fix it” they were so convinced that I was the one who put the mark on the jeans making it sound as if it was my mistake. I ask to speak to a supervisor, the agent’s answer was: “it will change nothing, and that she is too busy to talk to you now.”

I am a customer, and I bought a service from Aishti that was not as the minimum requires. They made a mistake, and don’t want to admit it or at least apologize for it.

Now what will happen is three things:

1- They give me a new jeans back.

2- They give me a voucher for the price I paid for the jeans.

3- I will never buy a single item from any Aishti store. (I bet they don’t care, but hey, what do you expect from such a company.)

Meanwhile, I will wait for the supervisor at the so called customer service department to find some time to call me.

Lebanon is politically divided into two clans, the ones who love Americans and want to follow in their footsteps and the ones who “claim” to hate Americans and want us to believe that the United State of America is the master devil running the world to its destruction. On a side note, most of those are holders of American Passports and one should not spit in the plate he eats from, that’s what my grandmother raised me to.

To those who think that the USA is the devil, here’s what happened with me some days ago.

I am a consumer, I buy goods from wherever I find the best price, and I wanted to buy a snowboard. And since my favorite snowboarding shop in Lebanon did not get this specific board, I went online to find my need. On Tuesday the 11th of December, I googled the board I wanted and found it at a specific website which had a “Live Chat” section. A certain Bob who was a very pleasant person to talk to answered my inquires and gave me his input on the board that encouraged me even more to buy it. After some Q&A with Bob, I ended up purchasing the board for the amount of $449.95 and I got a “FREE 2-Day” shipping to my P.O.Box address in Ohio. The board was delivered on time and I ended up shipping it to Beirut via Borderlinx/DHL.

If you are still reading, you would say ok, what’s special in that? In Lebanon this could happen. Well to start with, No, this does not happen in Lebanon, first there are nothing called Live Chat and there is nothing called Free Delivery and to buy a product you need to go through a hassle. Anyhow, now comes the good part.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that he wanted to do the same and purchase a board online, so I went to the same website to check out what boards suits him and if it is in stock and as soon as I get into the website, a banner saying “Burton. 2013 Gear on Sale Now. Up to 20% off the hottest new goods. Dec 18 – 24 Only” pops up in my face. So out of curiosity, I look for the board I purchased a week ago to see that its price dropped to $382.46, that’s a saving of 15% which is equivalent to $67.49.

So I click on the “Live Chat” icon and get to speak with a representative of the website. I start by thanking him for the delivery of my board and ask him about that discount I saw on their website. I explain that I purchased my board on the 11th and the discount started on the 18th so if there was a way I could benefit from that discount. So he asks for my Order Number and when he saw that I indeed purchased the board on the 11th, he tells me that of course I can benefit from that discount. Whenever the price changes within 30 days, I can benefit from the lowest price. So he did his calculations and debited my card with the amount of $67.49.

Now imagine you purchasing a good in Lebanon and going a week later to tell the salesman I would like to benefit from the discount you started AFTER I made my purchase. What would his/her answer be?

I will leave that to you 

And then they ask why we love Americans.