I studied MIS, Management Information Systems that is, so some consider me a geek, some consider me a business oriented man. Well i’m kind of a mix of both. And since i work at an IT consultancy, i will let my geeky part explain the title of my first post.

To who does not know what “Hello World” means, here’s a very brief explanation.

The first software a programmer writes in a language he is learning is always called “Hello World”. It’s his/her way of showing the world what he did with this newly learned language. And since this is my first post on my new blog, i chose to entitle it “Hello World”.

Now about the reason behind starting my blog, well it’s really simple, i am a very controversial person, my ideas and actions are seen by a lot of people as “strange to what everyone else thinks” which is something i like, it makes me special in a way or another which for me is a reason to share what i think with whoever is interested in reading.

And finally, if you are wondering about the link to my blog, i chose to use “rel4tivity” as a link because for one, “relativity” was taken and because i believe that everything in this life is relative. What i find beautiful may be ugly to you, and what you find rational may be irrational to me.

To make a story short, my name is Bilal Delly, i will be blogging whenever i have something to say about any subject that i think of. I know that i will be hated by a lot, but i hope that i will be respected for my opinion even if it does not run in parallel with yours.

Good Evening 🙂