On December 9th, 2012; the world of music was hit with the publishing of “Myriam Klink – Klink Revolution Clip” (please don’t have your kids or young brothers and sisters look at it); and today, I had the opportunity to have a look at it.

Allow me say that this clip is one of the WORST if not THE WORST clips I ever saw in my life. A low budget clip that has nothing to do with music whatsoever.

Now where should I start? Should I start with the private jet? Or the bride’s dress? Or the slutty army outfit with the guns? Or with those yellow heals she was wearing(probably the only nice thing about this whole clip)? Or with the abysmal dancing? Or the dreadful lingerie show?

Let me start by saying that Lebanon has always been a leader in the music industry in the Middle East. Lebanon produced the likes of Sabah, Fairouz, Majida El Roumi, Wadi El Safi and so many more. Those shaped our music history and are unfortunately looking at its destruction.

So let’s all agree on one thing, Myriam Klink is NOT a singer, not even an artist. Myriam Klink is a girl with a low self-esteem willing to do whatever is necessary in this world to have more YouTube views so she can get herself a desperate millionaire to maybe marry so she could get out of the shithole (Excuse my French) she’s living in.

The idea behind the song and the clip is to start a revolution to save Lebanon from the hands of those destroying it. What she missed is that she was destroying a fundamental part of our Lebanese heritage by even publishing this “so-called” song on YouTube.

She starts the “so-called” song by saying that she likes to sing and that she is presenting her art. For God’s sake, someone hit her on her head to wake her up from the coma she is living in, this is NOT art Myriam, and this is as close as you can get to hitting bottom rock. Then she starts repeating lyrics that don’t match, not even closely; while changing from an army outfit, to a bride’s dress. Then she starts belly dancing in her “please do me” dress to end up with a white top and matching panties.

Sorry I did not concentrate on the lyrics because I was busy with the erotic show she was putting in till I get even disgusted of the show (Yes, I’m a man, but one with manners).

Myriam Klink is not starting a revolution; if anything, she is showing the world that we need manners in Lebanon more than a political revolution to clean the country from those blood-sucking politicians.

It has been only 21 hours since the video was published and it already has more than 5000 views, so I guess you can see where we are going with it.

Unfortunately, the video will go viral, almost everyone will hate it and say what a b**ch Myriam Klink is. Nemr Bou Nassar will have a new subject to talk about, he will build on Klink to gain more audience and more followers and life will go on.

I once saw a meme comparing Justin Bieber’s Baby clip on YouTube hitting 810,176,066 views with Tupac’s California Love hitting only 35,734,213 views. The meme said “Music is Dead”.

Now I say “Music is Dead and Long Buried”.