I have a one-month vacation before moving to my new job in Dubai, so I visited my grandmother’s house yesterday, she was watching LBC Drama.

Today, I had nothing to do as well, so I passed by her, and again, she is watching LBC Drama.

I am not a fan of TV usually, the only thing I watch is football and I use it for PlayStation.

So after asking a bit about this channel, it turned out that it only puts Arabic/Syrian/Turkish series.

As most of you know, those series are addictive to those who watch them, which for me is not a problem, since I am myself addicted to watching football for example, some American series, etc… The problem with LBC Drama is that people are getting hooked to it the whole day.  I mean I watch football on weekends, and midweek only when Champions League games are being played. I can’t imagine myself watching series the whole day, specially that kind of series. We, in Lebanon, need more educational series, brain teasing series. The last thing we want is dramatic series. All you see on local television those days are political shows and dramatic and movies.

All local TV stations belong to politicians, and they are doing a great job brain washing the youth of Lebanon. When I was at the Lebanese American University I used to get amazed on how “friends” during the year stop talking when elections come as they “belong” to different political parties.

LBC Drama is owned by LBCI which is owned by the Lebanese Forces. A political party that is one of the “liberal” parties in Lebanon who should be enlightening people and opening their minds. So instead of getting them hooked to drama, maybe it is time to get them hooked on science, civil rights, business, etc…

We, as a country, will not go forward as long as politicians runs our lives.