Yesterday, on March 17, 2013, and around 9:30 pm, 2 Sunni Cheikhs got beaten after the Isha Prayer on their way home by a number of outlaws. Outlaws is the least that can be said about them. Those are idiots brainwashed by their leader to do their dirty things. But this is not the point of this post. The point is that stupider people from the other sect of the Muslim religion (Sunnis) went on to start havoc in the streets of Beirut, with rumors saying that they were screaming their lungs out asking for a “Jihad”. For those who do not know, NO ONE can call for a “Jihad” except for the Mufti himself in the absence of the “Khalifa”. So those idiots will not be doing God a favor whatsoever.

Things did not stop here, the problem is that the whole country got all angry and excited about the two cheikhs being beaten labeling it as “touching the holy” that no one took notice of innocent civilians being beaten yesterday in the streets of Beirut.

A friend of mine, YZ (I will mention only his initials) got stopped on the street near Sodeco Square by a gang of armed men who asked him where he was from. When they knew from his answers that he was a “Chiite” they started to beat him, damaged his car and took his phone then left him on the street in his blood. The WORST part is that the LEBANESE ARMY were standing on the side watching this man getting beaten just because of the way he prays. Note that that man may have different political views than the ones of Hizbollah for example, but regardless, if he is a Chiite, then he is not one of them, then he is entitled to the “punishment”.

Now let me make one thing clear, I myself, am a Sunni living in Lebanon (unfortunately) and this by NO MEANS mean that I accept what those men did. And more people than you think agree with me and don’t care for the religion or sect of other people. We want to live in peace, I don’t care if my neighbor is a Sunni, a Chiite, a Catholic, a Jew or even a Buddhist. The way people pray is their issue and is none of my problem.

Politicians go on preaching about the civil war, and how we should avoid it while they are themselves the ones putting the wood in the fire to ignite it more. And by politicians, I mean ALL politicians, those from March 8 and those from March 14. All of them are preaching, but none is doing anything to stop it. And would really like from the Minister of Internal Affairs to also give orders to those who beat my friend because they are no any better than the ones who beat the two Cheikhs. Both groups deserve the highest level of punishment.

As for our dear Lebanese Army. Please, next time you see a Lebanese citizen getting beaten, please interfere and help him out, he pays your salaries with his taxes.

Finally, I would like to wish my friend a speedy recovery and wish that those who beat him are brought to justice, something that I unfortunately am losing faith in its existence in Lebanon.