So here we are, November 20th getting ready for the big event of the so-called Lebanese Independence Day on November 22nd where our beloved army will parade in front of the Beirut Naval Base in Downtown in the presence of the three presidents in a time where the country is living in a turmoil of events.

Our beloved army decided to get prepared today, a Tuesday morning, when everyone is coming to Beirut for work. So it closes roads in Beirut for it to prepare for the great event on Thursday to create a killer traffic that reached Dbayeh. Please keep in mind that a HUGE number of people drive daily to come into Beirut from its southern and northern entrances between 7 and 9 am for work.

By doing so, they created an immense traffic that got people stuck in their cars for hours. It took a co-worker of mine two hours to get from Tabarja to Ashrafieh. I called a customer of mine at his office and his assistant answered to tell me he is stuck in traffic, so I call his cell phone, he tells me he has been held in traffic for almost three hours. I live in Beirut so it takes me five minutes to get to my office; while driving, I heard Gavin on RadioOne reading text messages he received and one of them was like: “I ordered breakfast to my car while stuck in traffic”; I find this sarcastically sad.

The bellow picture was taken from a tweet by Annahar Newspaper

To start with, the entrances to Beirut on a regular day are packed with cars and traffic is already a problem for most Lebanese, almost everyone gets to his/her office mad and frustrated and can’t be spoken to before having the morning coffee to feel relaxed (although I doubt that coffee makes one relax). So how about closing the roads for a drill that 90% of the Lebanese population don’t even care for on a Thursday morning when everyone is driving to his/her office.

Has it crossed the mind of the big bosses and decision makers at the Lebanese Army that such a drill is better done on a Sunday when everyone is enjoying his morning at home with his family and kids? Wouldn’t it been better if people were at least notified of the situation so they can take precautionary measures to get to their offices without cursing the country, its army and their lives?

The Independence Day should be a day that makes every Lebanese citizen feel proud of his country, safe in his country, taken care of in his country. Unfortunately, most of the Lebanese feel the complete opposite and got to a point in which they would not give a rat’s ass about November 22nd. Or maybe they do since it is an official holiday and most of us will be going on hunting trips that day.

In other news, news agencies announced ( see the link ) on behalf of the Internal Security Forces (for some reasons seems to be down) the measures that will be taken on Thursday, November 22nd in regards to parking cars in downtown and closed roads, so I invite everyone concerned to read it to make sure they know what roads to take if they decide to go out that day.

Happy Independence Day with the hope that next year will witness a more organized drill.